• Scalyr makes it affordable to collect, analyze, and retain all of your application and infrastructure event data

  • Pricing is based on daily data ingest, averaged over a month

  • All features included: Log ingest and parsing, search, analysis and retention, metrics, dashboards, real time alerting, and human support

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Log management and event data analytics

Unlimited query for:

Average Daily Data Ingest:






Prices shown are for a 3-year pre-paid contract. For affordable long term data retention beyond 30 days, contact us.

Scalyr Hindsight

  • Event data retention: $0.022 per compressed GB / month stored, the same as S3!
  • On-demand search: $0.50 per uncompressed TB queried
  • Scalyr log analytics subscription required
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Scalyr is the industry’s most affordable log analytics solution

  • Long term retention is available with interactive search

  • No cold storage or index limitations

  • No per-user/event/host license fees

  • Log-derived metrics included for free

  • Cost management dashboard gives you complete visibility and control over expenditure

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my Free Trial end?

The free trial ends after 30 days. After that, you must select a paid plan to continue using Scalyr. Note that after the trial period ends, you will be unable to access your data in Scalyr.

When will I be billed?

Billing occurs at the beginning of each month after you upgrade to a paid plan. Your first bill will be prorated for the remaining days of the beginning month.

What if I exceed my volume limits?

Keeping you running is our first priority. Our pricing is based on your average daily log volumes. While your log volume may spike temporarily, we won’t cut off log ingest or any other features. If you are on a month-to-month plan, and your average daily volume for that month exceeds the plan you picked, you will be charged for the excess log volume at your plan’s normal rate plus an additional 10% surcharge. This will be reflected in the bill for that month (in extreme cases, we do reserve the right to impose limits to protect other customers).

Is there a limit to my servers?

No. You have access to all the servers in the production environment.

Do you offer discounted plans?

Yes we do. If you’re a non-profit, educational institution or an early-stage startup, please contact us.

Do you offer consumption or usage-based options?

Yes, Scalyr offers consumption based models where customers only pay for data that is ingested as opposed to selecting a fixed subscription. Contact sales for details.

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