Turn chaotic logs and system metrics into actionable data.

Scalyr replaces all your monitoring tools, for all your servers, in one place.

Server and Log Monitoring

Get fast insights from server logs

Diagnose issues before they bring operations to a halt. Scalyr is optimized for lightning-fast log search and analysis, across all servers. Log data is ingested and available in real-time, and most search results take less than a second.

Solve more issues in less time

Stop wasting time and effort juggling multiple tools. Scalyr's integrated suite of server monitoring, log management, and analysis tools gives you the power to find and resolve more incidents in less time, all from one screen.

Empower teams with actionable data, and avoid bottlenecks.

Server logs contain a goldmine of actionable data for your entire business. Our fast and powerful log management is accessible to anyone on your team, not just a few “gurus.”

Easy Setup

The lightweight agent installs in seconds and begins collecting data immediately.

Security and Reliability

End-to-end SSL encryption, optional redaction for sensitive data, full data redundancy, and no need for root access. Learn more.

No IT Costs

Cloud-hosted monitoring eliminates IT costs. Replacing multiple other tools reduces overhead.

Straightforward Pricing

Simple volume-based plans with no commitments, and a free trial for 30 days.

Human Support

We're engineers, too. We get right to the point, and we're here to help. Contact us.

Happy Customers

Works with Your Stack

Looking for an alternative? Compare with Splunk, Loggly, or Sumo Logic.

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