Turn chaotic logs and metrics into actionable data.

Scalyr replaces all your monitoring tools, for all your servers, in one place.

Server and Log Monitoring

The fastest log search ever.

Most results take less than a second. Scalyr is optimized for lightning-fast search and analysis, across all servers.

Navigate logs quickly with clicks, not just queries. Click to switch between logs, graphs, and faceted views. Click on any log event to see similar events, frequency, and more.

Scalyr does the job of multiple server monitoring and log management tools, at amazing speeds.

Fast log search and analysis tool.

Keep business-critical operations running.

Pinpoint issues or anomalies before they bring your operations to a halt. Scalyr makes it easy to monitor your logs for subtle or impending problems, whether your business runs on a single server or is distributed across hundreds of servers.

“Being able to correlate disparate sources of data [with Scalyr] was key to detecting problems early on.”

Resolve incidents quickly and minimize downtime

Juggling multiple tools during an emergency results in wasted effort and prolonged downtime. Scalyr's fully integrated suite of server monitoring, log management, and analysis tools gives you the power to find and resolve incidents quickly, all from one screen.

“We've used Scalyr to investigate downtime and quickly answer questions like ‘Were there other background jobs running when the site went down?’”

Detect malicious activity and attacks.

Get precise and accurate information on where and how your site or application is being attacked, in realtime. Scalyr's server monitoring, intelligent alerting, and log analysis tools let you detect and resolve attacks quickly to minimize risk and downtime.

“We were able to pinpoint a bunch of attacks on our website with Scalyr.”

Provide better support for your customers.

Delight your users or customers with fewer questions and faster support. Scalyr's easy-to-use log search and analysis tools help customer support teams get detailed information about customers and the errors they encountered.

“Scalyr is used frequently to assist Customer Support in tracking down issues that some customers may have experienced either through the website or mobile application.”

Empower your team with actionable data.

Your server logs and metrics contain a goldmine of actionable data. It shouldn't be limited to just a few engineers. Scalyr aggregates log data and metrics from multiple sources and makes it easy for anyone on your team to monitor, explore, and analyze them. New members can be brought up to speed quickly, and there's no need for a gatekeeper.

“It's been really useful to empower the entire team, including non-tech folks… Even our office admin now uses Scalyr to extract usage data to create reports! We could no longer live without it.”

“Prior to adopting Scalyr we used four different services for centralized logging, server monitoring and application metrics monitoring and graphing. Using Scalyr has led to a significant decrease in monitoring complexity and cost.”

Easy Setup

The lightweight agent installs in seconds and begins collecting data immediately.

Security and Reliability

End-to-end SSL encryption, optional redaction for sensitive data, full data redundancy, and no need for root access. Learn more.

No Infrastructure to Manage

Cloud-hosted monitoring eliminates IT costs. Replacing multiple other tools reduces overhead.

Straightforward Pricing

Simple volume-based plans with no commitments, and a free trial for 30 days.

Human Support

We're engineers, too. We get right to the point, and we're here to help. Contact us.

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