Over 1 million DevOps hours saved


Reduction in time spent troubleshooting


Improvement in uptime


Faster resolution of customer issues

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Why Scalyr

Shortest time to truth

Spend less time wrestling with tools and data, more time shipping code. Determine root cause in record time.

Use the right tool

Dig deep into logs to understand the why. Metrics and traces only scratch the surface.


Easy to set up + no maintenance + unmatched cost-performance = lowest TCO in the industry.

Scale faster

Focus your time and resources on building your business, not “free” tools. Less chore, more core.

Productive teams

Streamline your workflows, improve collaboration and run efficient, happy teams.

Excellent support

We love all our customers, no matter how big or small. We’ll jump right into the trenches with you.

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The Scalyr Difference

No indexing

Purpose-built architecture designed from day one for massive volumes
of high cardinality, unstructured data. No more hassles with indexes and
no need to structure or pre-compute your data. Just send it as is and
we’ll do the rest.

Massively parallel

True multi-tenancy in the cloud for real-time performance and hyper scale.
Blazing-fast ingest, search and visualizations no matter how many users or
how much data. Industry-leading 1.5TB/s throughput. 96% of searches
return results in less than one second.

Intuitive UX

Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use by everyone. Jump straight from alerts
to dashboards to logs and seamlessly pivot between them. Search on
your terms – full text, facet or ad hoc. Query only when needed.

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“One of the things I really value in Scalyr is the responsiveness. I can give it a really terrible-looking query with a bunch of regular expressions, and somehow it still comes back in under a second.”

Elena Tatarchenko, Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle

“We push many hundreds of gigabytes of logs to Scalyr, and I need to search back a few days sometimes, a month even. The fact that I can still do that is just great.”

Jeff Watts, Senior Engineering Manager, Periscope Data

“Asking how Scalyr helps is like asking how breathing helps with your life.”

Tim Kröger, Head of Engineering, Zalando
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