Online Workshop: Learn Kubernetes in One Hour

This online workshop took place on Tuesday, January 29, 2019. Christian Meléndez (Cloud Architect at Equinix) discussed the core concepts of Kubernetes with live code and command examples. He also shared challenges most organizations face when running containers with Kubernetes. Download the recording.

Free eBook: Learn What to Log and How to Log It

This 262-page eBook will help you figure out what to log and how to log it. You’ll get step-by-step guides for logging in Java, C++, Python, C#, JS, Ruby, Go, Node.js, and Spring Boot. Download the free eBook.

We’ll Help You Switch from Splunk

Changing logging solutions is a pain. But it’s not until major issues occur (e.g. slow querying during outages, traffic spikes/throttling and overcharging) do you start thinking: “There has to be a better solution!” Well, we’re here to help. We’ve created this guide to help you transition from Splunk. Get the guide here.