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Looking for a Splunk alternative?
Try Scalyr for your operations analytics.

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Scalyr has fast queries, human support, reliability, and low pricing that scales with your company...

It's a perfect Splunk alternative.

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Easy 2-minute setup.
No IT labor or costly installs.

Scalyr is cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ready to use within minutes of signing up. Getting started is easy. Just drop our agent on any server or use the API. Data collection begins immediately.

Diagnose and fix server issues fast.
Very fast.

Search across all your server logs with one query, and get real-time results. Scalyr is optimized for lightning-fast search and analysis. Most log searches take less than a second. We're obsessive about performance.

Quick and intuitive navigation.

Navigate logs quickly with clicks, not just queries. Click to switch between logs, graphs, and faceted views. Click on any log event to see similar events, frequency, and more.

The cloud without compromise.

All data connections are secured with enterprise-grade 128-bit SSL encryption. The Scalyr agent does not run as root and cannot be controlled remotely. You can even redact sensitive data from your logs before they ever leave your server. We run multiple data centers with full redundancy and advanced internal monitoring for immediate incident response.

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On using Scalyr as a Splunk alternative

"I used Splunk for years before switching to Scalyr. The performance difference alone has been a game-changer; not to mention the simplicity and elegance of the configuration syntax. So glad we found Scalyr."

Powerful tools with down-to-earth pricing and human support.

  • Simple volume-based plans with pricing to fit your budget and company's scale.
  • We won't cut you off if your log volume spikes.
  • Priority support (based in California), even if you are not a megacorporation.
  • Log aggregation, search, analysis, monitoring, dashboards, and intelligent alerts in one tool.

(Scalyr is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Splunk. The Splunk name and logo are registered by Splunk Inc.)

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