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Server Log Parser

Use Scalyr to parse server logs into structured data for easy search, analysis, and troubleshooting.

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Turn chaotic logs into actionable data with real-time log parsing

Screenshot of Scalyr Log Monitoring and Aggregation
  • Parse important log data into columns, such as transaction numbers, user IDs, server names, server response codes, and more.
  • Automatic detection of timestamps and severity levels for every line.
  • Parse log data in special formats such as URLs, JSON, key/value lists, and multi-line messages.
  • Make analysis and auditing easier by appending lines with custom fields to add contextual information, flags, or labels.
  • Use structured data extracted from your logs to build custom application dashboards.
  • Aggregate numeric log fields to compute data rates.

Supports any standard or custom log format.

  • Parse Linux system logs, access logs from Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, or other web servers, MySQL query and slow-query logs, custom application logs, and more.
  • Parsers for your custom logs provided free of charge.
  • Break down logs by user agent, request URL, or any other log field.
  • Want more control? Create your own custom log parser using our built-in parser editor.

Take the guesswork and agony out of parsing logs.

  • When you create or edit your log parser in Scalyr’s parser editor, you can preview the parsed logs side-by-side and get exactly the results you want.
  • Reuse one parser on any number of servers.
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