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Log Analysis Without Compromise

Turn complex logs into actionable data with Scalyr’s powerful log analysis.

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Analyze everything (no headaches required.)

Scalyr's cloud-based platform aggregates all of your operational data and provides a rich suite of analysis tools to bring that data to life. We can ingest and analyze terabytes of data per day and provide instant, real-time parsing to bring structure (and beauty) to otherwise chaotic logs and metrics.

Visualize your operational data

A picture’s worth a thousand words logs. Our log analysis capabilities turn raw logs into data-rich visualizations that make problem-solving easier than ever. Analysis is impossible without great perspective and with Scalyr, you may just find making sense of your data - dare we say - fun.

Graph it as you like it.

View log data and metrics as line graphs, bar graphs, histograms, stacked area charts, and more. Instantly calculate percentiles, week-over-week trends, and field breakdowns -- all with a click of a button.

Rich reports

Build rich tabular reports from your data. Our powerful query language lets you summarize data from any angle.

Dashboards to see the big picture

Save frequently-used graphs and reports in dashboards and easily get a big-picture view of your systems.

Catch problems before they happen

By analyzing logs & metrics and setting alerts, you'll easily spot small issues before they become big issues.

Built for teams

Scalyr's beautiful and easy-to-use UI makes sharing across your team easy. Simply create an account, invite other users, set permissions, and your whole team is up and running in no time.

Log analysis that scales from 1 server to 1000.

Within minutes, your team can be using Scalyr to collect log data across servers automatically. Turn noise into actionable data, and use it how you need it -- simply. Once Scalyr starts receiving your server logs and metrics, analysis becomes intuitive with custom alerts, graphing, parsing, dashboards and more. Plus, intelligent volume-based pricing that always makes sense for business.

  • Analyze terabytes of data per day
  • Parse raw logs and metrics into structured data
  • Visualize with graphs, reports, and dashboards
  • Set alerts to catch problems before they strike
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