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Server Log Alerts

Get alerted before server issues become emergencies and minimize false alarms with intelligent server alerts from Scalyr.

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Set alerts for exactly what’s important and leave out the noise.

Screenshot of Scalyr's Alert Functionality
  • Generate alerts based on any type of data, such as system metrics, access logs, server logs, custom metrics, and more.
  • Use simple or complex trigger rules. From basic values to calculated arithmetic, logic operations, and frequencies… Or all of those combined.
  • Alert based on numeric values such as response size or elapsed time.
  • Create custom alert conditions or set alerting conditions with a click directly from any graph.
  • Minimize false alarms by specifying periods or frequencies to ignore.

Maintain full awareness even as your operations scale.

  • View all active and inactive alerts, for all servers, in one place.
  • Apply custom alerts to all of your servers using powerful alert templates.
  • Integrate your alerts from Scalyr with communication tools like HipChat and Slack, and monitoring tools like PagerDuty and OpsGenie.

Resolve server issues faster with alerts that help you troubleshoot.

  • Specify alert recipients to get critical information to those who need it, and not disturb those who don’t.
  • Alerts automatically include links to relevant graphs and log data to help you diagnose problems quickly. No more frantic searches through logs.
  • Customize alert emails with troubleshooting tips and playbook links.
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