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Looking for a Loggly alternative?
Scalyr gives you more than just log management.

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As a Loggly alternative, Scalyr gives you power to do more than just search your logs: system metrics, fast queries, custom parsers, and advanced alerts.

Easy 2-minute setup.
No syslog configuration hassles.

Getting started is easy. Drop the lightweight Scalyr agent on any server and choose which logs you want to upload. It begins collecting logs and system metrics immediately.

Lightning fast search and analysis
built for speed.

Most log searches take less than a second. Scalyr is built from the ground up to give you exceptionally fast search results. Everything is integrated, so you can switch views, make refinements, or drill down at the speed of a click.

Tackle all of your logs...

Upload, parse, and analyze any log format. Use one of our pre-built parsers, customize your own, or send us a log sample and we'll make a parser for you.

...and more.

Stream and analyze real-time system metrics. Agent plugins are available for Linux, Windows, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, and other popular applications, so you're always on top of all your systems. You can also create your own custom plugins.

Intelligent monitoring and alerts
to help you save the day...

Monitor any internal or external system for uptime, content changes, or errors. Set alerts for almost anything -- if it can be extracted from timeseries or log data, you can set an alert on it (even averages, percentiles, and frequencies.) matter where you are.

Send alerts to any email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, HipChat, Slack, or webhook. Set one or multiple recipients for each alert or bundle alerts into groups for easy management.

No-compromise Security...

All data connections are secured with enterprise-grade 128-bit SSL encryption. The Scalyr agent does not run as root and cannot be controlled remotely. You can even redact sensitive data from your logs before they ever leave your server.

...and Reliability.

We run multiple data centers with full redundancy and advanced internal monitoring for immediate incident response.

Read more about data security at Scalyr.

On using Scalyr as a Loggly alternative

"Prior to adopting Scalyr we used four different services for centralized logging, server monitoring and application metrics monitoring and graphing. Using Scalyr has led to a significant decrease in monitoring complexity and cost."

Powerful tools with down-to-earth pricing and human support.

  • You won't be cut off for temporary log volume spikes.
  • Priority support (based in California) for every customer, no matter what plan you're on.
  • We will help you get started, with free one-on-one consultation.

(Scalyr is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Loggly. The Loggly name and logo are registered by Loggly Inc.)

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