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The only log aggregator you’ll ever need.

Scalyr centralizes your operational data and logs into one easy-to-use platform for faster resolutions.

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Aggregate logs from across your stack to a single screen.

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All of your data in a single repository

Aggregate web access logs, system logs, application logs, and more. All your servers and data centers feed into a single searchable log repository. See your entire stack, across many servers, on one screen.

Never a log we couldn’t parse

Whether they’re totally standard or totally custom, Scalyr can extract structured data from any text source. Our powerful parsing language makes it easy, but our California-based team can make it even easier by creating parsers for you on-demand.

Speed, speed, and speed.

Once in our system, Scalyr can search terabytes of your aggregated logs in seconds. Our powerful purpose-built custom database was designed with one purpose: To find that needle in a haystack -- in an instant.

Live Tail

Watch new events arrive in near real-time. Apply filters and see only the messages that you care about.

Built for teams

Easily share access to your aggregated logs with your entire team. You can set management permissions wherever necessary. Simply set up an account, invite your teammates, set permissions to determine who manages what data, and you're off.

Works with your stack

Scalyr can aggregate logs from Linux servers, Windows servers, Amazon Web Services, Graphite and OpenTSDB tools, Heroku applications, and more. Our documentation thoroughly covers integration across the most popular services and our support team will happily help with your own setup.

All your operational data in one place.
Log aggregation that scales with your business, from 1 server to 1000.

Within minutes, your team can be using Scalyr to collect log data across servers automatically and turning noise into actionable data. Use it how you need it -- simply. Once Scalyr is receiving your server logs, management becomes intuitive with custom alerts, graphing, parsing, dashboards and more. Plus, intelligent volume-based pricing that always makes sense for business.

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