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Looking for an ELK stack alternative?

Try Scalyr for your enterprise log management and analysis.

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Scalyr is a hosted log management service that has easy scaling, blazing-fast performance, human support, reliability, and low pricing...

It's a perfect ELK stack alternative.

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So fast, it'll change the way your team works

Scalyr's novel approach to data processing means log searches and troubleshooting happens an order-of-magnitude faster (we're talking 100s of GBs/sec). Most searches take less than a second, so your team can look at data from every angle.

A fully-managed solution

No hardware, no extra engineers, no hacking together your setup. Once your data starts flowing to Scalyr, we handle everything. We’re built to be utilized and we’ve made that incredibly easy.

No Memory-usage issues

Scalyr is a highly-available hosted SaaS application -- we have 99.99% uptime and meticulously monitor our own infrastructure. Problems like ELK crashes from high memory usage are a thing of the past.

Log volume spikes? No problem.

Scalyr is truly elastic. We built our platform to handle data spikes by default. You’ll always be able to utilize your data - no matter how much you send us (or how quickly.)

Real-time data integrations

Adding new data sources to Scalyr is painless. Simply install the lightweight agent on your server and start managing your logs immediately. Scalyr also comes with built-in integrations for cloud services like AWS, Heroku, and more.

Messages kept in context

It doesn’t matter how many search parameters and filters you have in your query. With Scalyr, viewing a log in its original context is a one-click action. Nothing will slow you down.

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Powerful tools. Down-to-earth pricing. Human support.

  • Simple volume-based plans with pricing to fit your budget and company's scale.
  • We won't cut you off if your log volume spikes.
  • Priority support (based in California), even if you are not a megacorporation.
  • Log aggregation, search, analysis, monitoring, dashboards, and intelligent alerts in one tool.
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