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Log aggregation, system metrics, and server monitoring that's
fast, powerful, and easy to set up.

Easy Setup

Start monitoring and collecting data without worrying about infrastructure.

Install the Scalyr Agent

Drop the Scalyr Agent on any server

Each agent installation automatically registers itself and begins collecting logs and system metrics. Add tags to self-organize servers by tier, data center, or custom categories.

Or bring your own data.

Import logs from Heroku, Amazon RDS, or Amazon CloudTrail; metrics from Amazon CloudWatch or any Graphite-compatible tool, upload logs and metrics via syslog, fluentd, or our API, or define Monitors to probe your servers directly.

Aggregate Logs & Server Metrics

Centralized log management and server monitoring means you won't have to run from server to server to find what's wrong.

Screenshot of Scalyr Log Monitoring and Aggregation

Collect everything

Web access logs, system logs, application logs; System, process, and custom server metrics; External probes, server pings, and more - all in one place.

Lightning-fast search

Search hundreds of GBs/sec across all your servers. Most searches take less than a second. Learn more about how we search so fast.

Manage log volume

Choose which logs are collected; subsample or filter noisy or sensitive logs before they leave your servers. Archive logs to Amazon S3 for long-term storage.

Live Tail

Watch new events arrive in near real-time. Apply filters and see only the messages that you care about.

Downloadable Datasheet

Analyze + Graph

Turn raw log & metric data into rich visualizations.

Screenshot of Scalyr Log Graphing and Analysis
Screenshot of Scalyr Log Graphing and Analysis

Find answers quickly with graphs

Graphs let you visualize your log data and metrics to show breakdowns, percentiles, rates, distributions, trends over time, and more.

Drill down to find the root cause

Click to segment data by server, URL, user agent, origin IP, or any other standard or custom log field. Search or filter on any field of any event.

Explore your data with clicks, not queries

Click to quickly switch between logs, graphs, and faceted views. Click on any log event to find similar events.

Our parsers turn any log into meaningful, rich data

You're not limited to standard, pre-defined formats or JSON records - any plain text log from any application can be parsed. Define custom parsers in minutes.

Use reports to make sense of large amounts of data

Turn complex log data into simple, clear, and interactive reports.

Sample Use Cases: Server Log Analysis


Use all the power of Scalyr's import, display, and analysis tools to come up with just the graphs you need. Then drop them into a dashboard for quick and easy access. Scalyr precomputes all your dashboards on a continuous basis, so they load in a snap.

Screenshot of Scalyr Metrics Dashboard

Combine Sources

Collect and graph data from multiple sources (logs, system metrics, custom events, etc).

Fully Customizable

Include exactly the graphs you want. Define dashboards once and use them for all your servers.

Built-In Dashboards

Use built-in dashboards for a quick overview of server metrics, process metrics, and web traffic.

Wall View

Streamlined, auto-updating display for a second screen or wall-mounted display.

Intelligent Monitors & Alerts

Powerful and customizable alert manager to let you know when the unexpected happens.

Screenshot of Scalyr Log Monitoring Alerts

Set alerts for almost anything

Alert on anything that can be extracted from a timeseries or log parser, even on computed values.

Web Monitors

Our powerful built-in monitors can immediately alert you if your site goes down, is slow, or if content changes.

Easy Diagnostics

No need to wonder why an alert triggered. Each alert links back to a data graph, where you can use built-in analysis tools to quickly find the issue.

Fine-tune to avoid false alarms or untimely alerts

Use ratios and boolean logic to distinguish real problems. Silence known alerts to avoid distraction.

Email, PagerDuty, and more

Set one or multiple recipients for each alert, or bundle alerts into groups for easy management. Send notifications via e-mail, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, HipChat, Slack, or any service accessible via a webhook.

Server Groups

Alerts can apply to aggregated data, or individually to each server, adapting dynamically as you add or remove servers.

Under the Hood

Scalyr is a service, so you don’t need to worry about what makes it run. But if you're curious, see how it works.

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