Scalyr Performance Benchmark
Many factors contributed to each performance increase. HOVER OVER EACH POINT TO SEE WAYS WE HAVE IMPROVED PERFORMANCE.

The benchmark

The Scalyr Performance Benchmark measures the throughput that Scalyr customers are likely to experience when executing a complex search across a large data set. We perform this test regularly using a production environment with dozens of terabytes of log data. Even though this benchmark test is performed in a production environment with actual data, your performance may vary based on a number of factors.  Many searches (such as multivariate ones involving facets of parsed data) may complete even faster.

Performance matters

The benchmark is based on real-world tests performed in a production environment intended to measure performance across very large data sets. On average, our customers experience nearly every search, pivot, or visualization in a fraction of a second. 96 percent of the queries performed in the Scalyr Platform complete in less than a second.


“Asking how Scalyr helps is like asking how breathing helps with your life.”

Tim Kröger, Head of Engineering, Zalando

“We push many hundreds of gigabytes of logs to Scalyr, and I need to search back a few days sometimes, a month even. The fact that I can still do that is just great.”

Jeff Watts, Senior Engineering Manager, Periscope Data

“One of the things I really value in Scalyr is the responsiveness. I can give it a really terrible-looking query with a bunch of regular expressions, and somehow it still comes back in under a second.”

Elena Tatarchenko, Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle

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