Why Scalyr?

Scalyr provides a complete log analytics and observability SaaS offering in support of modern, cloud applications.

Scalyr provides scaled event data ingestion and storage, sub-second query response, and low-cost overhead. Scalyr’s Event Data Cloud exposes these capabilities via API letting Scalyr be the analytics data store and engine for services and applications you build.

Whether using Scalyr for observability, to replace Elasticsearch, or for Data Cloud use cases, Scalyr’s optimization of scale, performance, and cost will accelerate insight into all your event data.

Thousands of users depend on Scalyr daily


“Asking how Scalyr helps is like asking how breathing helps with your life.”

Tim Kröger, Head of Engineering, Zalando

“We push many hundreds of gigabytes of logs to Scalyr, and I need to search back a few days sometimes, a month even. The fact that I can still do that is just great.”

Jeff Watts, Senior Engineering Manager, Periscope Data

“One of the things I really value in Scalyr is the responsiveness. I can give it a really terrible-looking query with a bunch of regular expressions, and somehow it still comes back in under a second.”

Elena Tatarchenko, Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle
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