Introduction to the New Scalyr UI

We’re rolling out a complete redesign of the Scalyr search and graph pages. The new design is intended to make more of Scalyr’s advanced features immediately accessible, while simultaneously leaving more room on the page for your actual data.

Over the next few months, the entire Scalyr application will be getting a similar treatment. We're releasing the heart of the product - the search and graph pages - first.

If you’re used to the "classic" Scalyr UI, this page provides a quick orientation. You might also want to review the Log Introduction and Graph Introduction.

Here’s what the new log viewer looks like:

And here’s a cheat sheet if you’re wondering where to find your favorite feature from the old design.

  • Log tab: this is the default mode of the new Log view.
  • Facets tab: the complete facet list is now displayed on the left (1). Use the Prev/Next buttons to navigate the list. You can click on any field to display common values for that field. If you like to scroll through all of the fields to look for patterns, click on one field, release the button and then slowly move your mouse up and down the list.
  • Histogram tab: coming soon.
  • Graph tab: use the facet list (1) to find the field you’d like to graph. Click on the field name, and then click "Graph Values".
  • To view logs from a specific host and/or log file, use the Source and Log fields (2).
  • "Start" and "End" fields (the time range to search): these are now in the time range dropdown (3).
  • Severity dropdown: to view messages with a specific severity level, navigate to the Severity field in the facet list (1). Or enter severity >= 3 in the Search field to restrict to "Info" and higher.
  • Show Timestamp / Server / Filename: these are now in the "Settings" dropdown (4).
  • Refine Search By: this is now the facet list (1).
  • Save Search: this is now part of the "Hamburger Menu" (5).
  • The giant "toolbox" that would appear when you click on a log message: click on a message and then click View Details (6).
  • Note that you can now select text to copy from the log view using normal click-and-drag selection!

Time navigation buttons:

  • Start, End: these are now near the top of the page (7).
  • Latest: the log view now shows the latest messages by default! Click Update (8) to refresh.
  • Prev / Next: just use the scroll bar (9).
  • Jump-by-15-minutes: click on the timeline graph (10) to jump to any point in time.
  • Live Tail: has migrated to the top of the page (11).

And specifically for graphs:

  • "Variable" field: to graph a particular field, click on that field name in the facet list (1) and then click "Graph Values".
  • "Range [from/to]" fields (to control the Y axis of the graph): the new graph view does not yet allow controlling the Y axis.
  • Rate graphs (a graph with no variable/facet specified): use the timeline graph in the log view.