Bulk Exports

This feature is still under development and is not yet available for use. Please contact contact@scalyr.com for more information.

From time to time you may wish to export a set of logs.

To run a bulk export or cancel a job that is already running, go to the Bulk Exports page.

Select Time Range

The presets select your most recent data. For instance, select "4 hours" to view data from the last 4 hours.

To specify a custom time range, use the From and To fields. These fields are very flexible; you can enter:

  • A time (e.g. 14:30 or 5:05 AM)
  • A date (May 23)
  • A date and time (5/14/2016 2:00 PM)
  • A value like 5h or 2d to indicate "5 hours ago" or "2 days ago".
  • ["To" field only] A value like +30m or +2h to indicate "30 minutes after the From time" or "two hours after the From time".
Scenario Start End
Graph the last hour. 1h or 1 hour
Graph from 5:23 AM this morning 5:23
Graph one hour, beginning at 5:23 AM this morning 5:23 +1h
Graph one hour, beginning at 1:00 PM on April 4th April 4 1:00PM +1 hour
Graph from three days ago to two days ago 3d or 3 days 2d or 2 days

A wide range of date and time formats are supported. See Time Syntax Reference for a complete list.


Enter the query you would like to filter for.


The label is optional and is used solely to identify one bulk export from another.

S3 Bucket

The S3 Bucket field is where you should enter the address of the S3 Bucket into which you want your file to be exported.

You may have to update some permissions in order for us to be able to write to your container. When you start a job if we can't access your bucket the job will fail and you'll get some information about why it failed.

//TODO add instructions for S3 permissions setup.

Filename Prefix

Sets a string that is used to prefix all file names used when writing into your S3 bucket. This is optional and defaults to... //TODO TBD


Choose whether you would like the file exported as JSON, CSV, or Plain text.

Email Notification

Enter 0 or more emails to be notified when the job has completed.