What is ENG?

Quarterly dinners (pre/post Covid) allow members to build personal relationship and share career experiences. Additional career enhancement programs are provided, generally once a quarter, and can range from an hour to a full day. Learn executive presence and high stakes communications, financial literacy, how to find and serve on a board, a GM Playbook and more.

    Why ENG?

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    Learn From Peers

    The primary purpose of ENG is peer-based information exchange, advocacy, sponsorship and learning. Many of the best-known engineering leaders at top SaaS brands come together to share experiences, help each other, and advance their careers.

    New Opportunities

    ENG members expand their personal and professional networks, learn new skills, and find opportunities -- for public boards, private boards, career expansion, and more. The women of ENG are given a Scalyr-sponsored membership into Athena Alliance for board opportunities.

    Enhanced Leadership Skills

    Once a quarter, ENG members are given the opportunity to join a workshop to help enhance vital career skills, including executive presence, financial literacy, board service, general management skills, presentation skills, and more. Topics are selected by members, delivered by experts, enhanced through peer-exchange, and free of charge.

    Pay It Forward

    ENG members believe in helping others, including peers and the rising stars that will soon reach executive rank. Each member of ENG can nominate two Rising Stars and all ENG members are encouraged to sponsor, advocate, and support others in the ENG community.