Fast ingest and search


As soon as you start logging to Scalyr, your data is visible in seconds, which means you get real-time visibility and instant alerts. Whether searching, filtering or visualizing your data, you will be surprised at how responsive Scalyr is, even across large data sets. Our unique approach leverages a purpose-built noSQL columnar database and a massively parallel cloud compute infrastructure, resulting in the industry’s fastest log ingestion and search.




PowerQueries add a new dimension to our blazing-fast log search, letting you transform and combine data on the fly for richer analysis, reporting and alerting. With this powerful new functionality, you can now pivot seamlessly from our facet-based search into more complex log search operations and create sophisticated data processing pipelines. Designed with a simplified query syntax, PowerQueries leverage our existing real-time data processing engine, so you get the same speed, ease-of-use and scalability that you’ve come to expect from Scalyr.


Real-time alerts


Scalyr gives you robust, precise alerting on logs, metrics and events. Unlike legacy or home-grown log management alternatives that force you to trade timeliness for accuracy, our alerts are real-time and complete, all driven by our rapid ingest and parsing. Now you can have alerts that you can depend on, along with the information you need to address the problem.


Simple to use


Our customers tell us they love how easy it is to use Scalyr, even for users with no query language expertise. You can search for free text, wildcards or regular expressions in the query bar. Or point and click directly in the log lines or a graph. This makes it incredibly simple for your entire team to adopt Scalyr. You can skip all of the specialized training, certifications and roles that alternatives require.


Broad data support


We are built to support all log data types and sources. Our secure agent and its plugins allow you to monitor system, process, performance and usage metrics and data from your operating systems, container environments, cloud platforms, databases, web and application servers, services and APIs. We provide special integrations for Linux, Windows, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, nginx, .NET, Heroku, AppHarbor, Graphite, syslog, fluentd and more.

Embedded Metrics

Parsers and dashboards


Scalyr gives you built-in log parsers and dashboards along with in-depth instructions for creating your own. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our support team and we’ll build them for you at no additional cost.


Live tail


Need to see a particular set of continuous live logs as they’re coming into Scalyr? Use Live Tail to see this view for easy troubleshooting of a live issue with fewer distractions. You can start and stop the log flow to zero in on items of interest.




The shift toward more modern architectures and processes has led to the decentralization of engineering teams. As individuals and small teams become responsible for more of the delivery lifecycle of their respective services, they need greater access to observability solutions that provide not just the real-time visibility but also the ability to work together. Scalyr lets users create annotations either manually or programmatically and is fully integrated with popular collaboration tools like Slack. You can also manage team access and permissions to data, graphs and dashboards in accordance with your policies.


Security and reliability


Scalyr is committed to the security and privacy of customers and to the availability of their data. Our Python agent doesn’t have to be run as root, cannot receive external instructions and can redact sensitive information. The platform encrypts all internal and external communications with TLS and is built to prevent buffer overflows, SQL injection and cross-site scripting. We are SOC-2 Type I (Type II in process), PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant and provide continuous replication across fully redundant data centers for high availability.


Bidirectional API


The bidirectional Scalyr API lets you send and retrieve data directly to and from the Scalyr Platform. It offers the ability to insert or retrieve raw log text or structured log events; create or retrieve numeric, graph or time series data; manage configuration files; manage API keys; and invite, revoke or manage users, groups and their permissions.


Kubernetes Monitoring & Troubleshooting


Monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments more effectively with Scalyr. We automatically aggregate and group logs by deployment and give you a more holistic view of your services regardless of which container or pod they are running on. With support for a wide range of controller types, Scalyr helps you more quickly identify and resolve issues in your containerized environments. We also track log volume by Kubernetes application or label so you can get a quick view into how much data each controller is generating.