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Case Study: Return Path

Return Path, a leading email data solutions provider, had a problem: Their engineering team wasn't able to get much use out of a critical resource: their server logs. They had made a significant investment in a competitive solution to manage those logs, but it was slow and only two engineers were using it. Worse, new data took 5 minutes to appear, making real-time troubleshooting infeasible.

Enter Scalyr. Our lightning-fast log consolidation, search, and analysis engine provided an entirely new experience. Search times dropped from one minute to subsecond, and data appeared in real-time. Adoption skyrocketed—not only did every single member of the engineering team start using logs, but product managers, SecOps and even the VP of engineering became regular users.

Michael Bernstein, engineering manager at Return Path:

“We went from paying a lot for a tool that nobody liked using to paying less for a better tool that did way more and solved more problems.”

Scalyr also simplified the team's life by integrating features like monitoring and alerting, allowing the team to replace other services like Pingdom. And Scalyr's dashboards enabled them to set up over 50 custom charts, graphs, and tables to locate problems and measure performance across all of their backend services.

In the end, the entire team was thrilled. “We're able to respond to support tickets more quickly because we can find the data faster. And debugging systems that generate 120GB of logs per day? We couldn't do it without a search aggregation tool like Scalyr. It would be impossible,” Bernstein said.

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