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Case Study: Grab

Grab (formerly GrabTaxi), creators of the hugely popular taxi-hailing app operating in six countries, came to us with a problem: The business’s rapid growth had outstripped their log management tools.

They were using a tried-and-true method for searching logs: ssh and grep. Simple and straightforward, this worked well at first. But grep’s performance dropped as their log volume grew, and with more and more servers, ssh became unwieldy. With terabytes of logs generated per day, the situation was becoming untenable.

Enter Scalyr. With our lightweight agent collecting logs from every server, Grab now had a simple, performant way to search their entire log surface from a cloud-based UI. Searches that were taking minutes in grep now took a few seconds. This was transformative.

Ditesh Gathani, Director of Engineering:

“The speed makes a huge difference. We can try one approach and if that doesn’t work, we’ll know in a couple of seconds instead of five minutes later. Investigations have become a lot more effective.”

“Scalyr removed a lot of friction from the process. We spend more time finding the root cause of a problem instead of wrestling with tools. And because things are so ridiculously fast, we are able to be far more responsive to operational issues. A problem that had been plaguing us for six months was solved within minutes. In the end, Scalyr has helped us reduce our downtime by a factor of 10.”

And we helped Grab expand this visibility across the organization:

Ditesh Gathani, Director of Engineering:

“Scalyr has become the single point of access for many teams, not just engineering. A large portion of the engineering, operations, and data teams, as well as a number of product managers, are regular users.”

And that was just log searching! Scalyr’s team is working closely with Grab to provide deep analysis of their operations data by building out comprehensive graphs and dashboards to give them an even more complete picture of their system operations. We’re also helping consolidate their server metrics and alerting—previously spread across multiple separate tools—all under the Scalyr roof.

Scalyr’s comprehensive log aggregation, high-speed searching, metric analysis, and full-spectrum alerting features have truly transformed the way Grab manages its operations.

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