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DevOps Evangelist

The Gig

We're seeking someone talented, engaging, lively, fun, and highly technical to help us spread the word about our awesome product.

The main way this will happen is through writing - lots of great writing. Technical writing: Engineering blog posts, long­form articles, solution guides, FAQs, case studies, whitepapers, and more.

But there’s also a community engagement element – we’ll want you to become the “face” of Scalyr online (on forums, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, at conferences and meetups.

We should be clear right up front that you’ll need to have a strong technical background for this to work. Our product is a DevOps-focused tool to aggregate and instantly search logs, graph metrics, monitor server status, and alert when things go wrong. The previous sentence should make sense to you and perhaps even excite you. (Ideally, you should have an engineering background, have worked in DevOps, or otherwise have reasonably deep experience in these areas.)

Here are three examples of pieces we’ve written that very closely model the kind of writing we’ll want you to do:

Of course we’ll give you lots of juicy source material to work with - straight from our engineering department - but we’ll expect you to craft it into something interesting and view-worthy. And you’ll be encouraged to source your own material & topics as well.

You’ll be working directly with our CEO and Head of Marketing, who can help edit and direct your writing projects if/as needed.

And your work will matter and have a huge impact on the business! Our blog posts get widely read and are a primary source of growth.

You should

  • Have a technical / engineering / DevOps background
  • Have some evidence that you both enjoy and are good at writing (a blog, a book, essays, articles written, etc.)
  • Be self-directed

More about the gig

  • Full-time, on-site at our office in San Mateo.
  • Extremely competitive salary & equity.
  • Generous benefits incl. comprehensive healthcare, free lunch, ability to work from home multiple days per week, and a very easygoing, low-stress, supportive and fun office environment.

About Scalyr

We’re a VC-funded startup, founded in 2011 by former Google engineers with a deep background in technical operations. We’re backed by top-tier VCs (Google Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures, Sherpalo Ventures) and have plenty of cash. We have - *gasp* - paying customers and a healthy business model. We’re growing. We’re nerds. And writing is in our DNA -- Our founder, Steve Newman, was one of the creators of Writely (acquired by Google to become Google Docs in 2006.)

Read more about Scalyr here.

If this sounds like fun...

Send a brief cover note, a portfolio or other link to some technical writing you’ve done, and one suggestion for a blog post you think Scalyr should publish (and that you'd enjoy writing) to