Scalyr created the industry’s first Event Data Cloud. It can be used for log analytics, incident management, observability, data analytics, security, compliance, forensics, and more.

Scalyr ingests and stores petabytes of structured and unstructured machine data. Our architecture is optimized for high-cardinality, high-dimensionality data: searching and storing it at very low-cost and at very high speeds. Scalyr’s TCO rivals open source, do-it-yourself solutions.

Scalyr’s event data cloud provides a fully-featured, fully-managed, SaaS solution for log analytics. The data cloud can be consumed via APIs by OEMs to replace ELK or Elasticsearch ‘under-the-hood’ to power other SaaS and data analytics services.

Sometimes described as ‘Snowflake for engineers, Scalyr frees engineering and developer teams to innovate with speed and confidence.



Some great tech companies are founded in garages. Scalyr was founded over a garage, specifically, in the attic above Steve Newman’s garage where he and Steve Czerwinski did what entrepreneurs do: set out to solve a hard problem that kept them from being the best developers they could be.

Imagine, ten years ago, you foresaw that operational data would expand exponentially and create significant challenges in scale, cost, and analytics performance. Imagine knowing ten years ago, from first hand experience, that the migration from on-prem, monolithic architectures to applications composed in the cloud, using microservices, containers and server-less systems would make observing and managing these digital systems a massive challenge.

Scalyr’s founders, Steve Newman and Steven Czerwinski, had this insight in 2010 while at Google. As the owners of Google Drive and creators of Google Docs, they had today’s problems ahead of the general market. They also had seventeen different tools intended to solve the problems, but failing spectacularly.

Traditional log management and observability tools are not optimized for the modern stack. They rely on indexes to organize and search the data. No one knows or values indexing more than Google, after all Google’s indexes are used to search the world wide web. But no one knows the limitations better, either. Indexing is optimized for business data, not machine data, and very different use cases.

Scalyr was born on a clean sheet of paper with one clear purpose: build a SaaS platform that ingests massive amounts of machine data and application exhaust in real time, and analyzes it without sacrificing performance or affordability. The Gordian Knot of price, performance, and volume chokes the industry, and indexes are at the root of the problem.

Scalyr’s founders discarded outdated technologies. They embraced SaaS and the dynamically scalable power of the cloud. They rejected indexing and everything else that slowed performance, increased costs, or obstructed scale. They used the principles of horizontal scheduling in a massive, shared compute cluster; the same approach that made Google ultra fast, scalable and affordable. This unusual combination evolves traditional multi tenancy to a new level of performance and affordability. Just like in Google, when you search data in Scalyr, every CPU in Scalyr’s cluster is focused on clearing your search. Why is this important? It means scale makes Scalyr’s platform and performance better, not worse.

The network-effect built into Scalyr’s architecture means the more data and more customers that use Scalyr, the faster and more affordable it is for everyone. A whole-lotta secret sauce ensures rogue queries can’t abuse the service, and that massive one can be interleaved, but that’s the essence of it.

Steve and Steven created a super-cool and unique architecture, designed for engineers. You can read more about it here.

Scalyr is a company by engineers, for engineers, and everything we do is optimized for the engineering user and use case. We don’t try to have every bell and whistle stuffed into the service. It’s sleek and functional, designed by engineers for engineers. And we provide access to a rich API set to support custom analytics and applications.

Scalyr delivers blazing fast query speed, at massive scale, and a ridiculously low cost. This is what our founders wanted as buyers, and it’s what we deliver as a vendor.


Steve Newman


Steven Czerwinski



Scalyr’s mission is to deliver the best event data cloud for real time data that powers log analytics, data analytics, observability, and beyond.

What do we mean by best? It’s simple: If any other company is faster, cheaper, or more scalable for storing and searching machine data, then we have failed in our mission.

We envision a data exchange in which first and third-party services access the data in the event data cloud. We build analytics and tools, you build them, an ISV or third party builds them. The point is to make it easy, fast and affordable to access and use this event data.



Scalyr’s purpose is to help engineers innovate and move into the future with confidence.

Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) increases the risk of a cascading failure. Ephemeral infrastructure and modern stacks make troubleshooting problems a challenge, and increase the volume and scope of event data to manage and analyze.

Scalyr’s Log Analytics service allows engineering teams to find and fix problems quickly, search through massive amounts of data in real time, reduce stress, and innovate with confidence. Our event data cloud enables other services and applications to harness the power of our analytics capabilities through Scalyr’s APIs.



Scalyr has one corporate value: Care.
As simple as it sounds, it isn’t always easy to balance our value of Care across all of the things we care about.

Sometimes there is tension in how we demonstrate care across stakeholders, including employees, customers, community, company and shareholders. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy, so we continually challenge ourselves to find new and authentic ways to live our value.




Christine Heckart

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Heckart, Chief Executive Officer of Scalyr, is a veteran of the technology industry having worked for iconic companies including Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Cisco and NetApp. She has led business strategy for multibillion dollar businesses in critical roles including COO, GM, president, and CMO, and has experience across software, SaaS…

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Steve Newman

Founder and Chairman

Steve Newman is the Founder and Chairman of Scalyr. Steve learned to program at the age of eight and is a lifelong engineer and entrepreneur. Scalyr is the sixth company he has founded. His most recent company prior to Scalyr, Writely, was acquired by Google to become Google Docs. Prior…

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Dmitri Zimine

VP of Engineering and Product

Dmitri Zimine is Scalyr's VP of Engineering and Product. Over the past 15 years, he has lead teams designing and building software for the cloud and data center, including VMware vSphere, Opalis (acquired by Microsoft to become Microsoft System Center Orchestrator) and OpenStack, including significant contributions to Mistral (the OpenStack…

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Michael Cuneo

VP of Product

Michael Cuneo is Scalyr’s VP of Product where he is responsible for Scalyr's roadmap and strategic planning. Michael has extensive product management experience as one of the founding team members for Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV platform used by AT&T, Deutsch Telecom, British Telecom and many other carriers. Michael built and managed…

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Casey Clark

Chief Customer Officer

Casey Clark is Scalyr's Chief Customer Officer, where he brings a unique combination of technical and business acumen, deep insight into the underlying technology and its primary use cases, and influence over the company’s product roadmap and strategy. In this role, he serves as the primary customer champion, helping them…

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