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At Scalyr, we're building great tools and having a blast doing it.

Our Mission & Work Philosophy

Scalyr's mission is to build the best tool for engineers to understand their operational systems. We want to make it fast, scalable, and reliable, all the while making sure it's easy to learn and use.

We organize our daily work in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes happiness, and we want an office environment that's fun, fulfilling, and smart.

In many ways, we're quite different from the 'typical' Silicon Valley tech company that you've likely read about. The tenets of Scalyr work life include:

  • Transparency - We don't keep secrets or silos at Scalyr. We share good and bad news with each other. Everyone is welcome to contribute in all areas.
  • Camaraderie - We have a sit-down lunch together as a team every day. Each afternoon, we go for a 30-minute group hike to stretch our legs and clear our heads.
  • Niceness - Put simply: We're just nice nerds. We like to laugh, talk about science fiction, quote Monty Python, and wax rhetorically about world events with each other.
  • Low Stress - We don't burn the midnight oil or set "crunch time" deadlines. Our goal is to have fun and build a great product - not lose sleep or give ourselves ulcers.
  • Work-Life Balance - Despite our camaraderie, at the end of the day (literally) it's time to go home. Evenings and weekends are for personal time, not more work.
  • No Ageism - We simply don't care how old you are. We hire regardless of age and believe that your abilities and personality come first, not your number. We have employees in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.
  • Flexibility - We have an unlimited vacation policy and many employees work from home a few days a week.

Sound Good? Join Us!

We're currently hiring for the following roles:

Our Team

We're a team of engineers and entrepreneurs with years of DevOps experience and we know what it's like to be on call, get an alert, and not have enough information to track down the problem. So we decided to fix that. And here we are.

Steve Newman

Founder / CEO

Steve is a lifelong engineer and entrepreneur and has founded multiple successful startups, including Writely (acquired by Google to become Google Docs). He's an avid science fiction reader, walker, power-napper, and still finds time to be a prolific software engineer. Steve studied Mathematics at the University of Michigan and received his Master's in CS at Stanford.

Steve Czerwinski

Founder / Engineering

Steve(n) works across the Scalyr stack and leads front- and back-end engineering. He was a senior engineer at Google for 8 years and back-end technical lead for large projects including Picasa Web Albums (Google Photos) and Google Drive. He loves European-style board games, his wonderful wife, and their new house.

Claudia Carpenter

User Experience

Claudia is an expert at design, usability, and making complex interfaces feel effortless. She was a co-founder at Writely, after which she worked as an engineer at Google for 4 years. Her superpower is that she can resist chocolate (...because she hates it.)

Noah Lehmann-Haupt

Co-founder / Product & Marketing

Noah is a veteran entrepreneur, product designer, UX geek, web marketer, and self-taught developer. He knows a thing or two about fast cars and has an unexpected passion for DevOps. He's an avid (obsessive?) cyclist and was born and raised in NYC. Noah received his Bachelor's in Management Science at MIT.

Christopher Council

Co-founder / DevOps

Chris is responsible for infrastructure and also writes code across the stack. He has extensive industry experience in e-commerce, biotech, and fintech. In past lives, he led the software platform team at SigFig and co-founded an informatics startup. He grew up skiing and biking in the Utah mountains and is still very much an outdoors enthusiast.

Casey Clark

Sales & Customer Success

Casey leads the sales and customer success operations at Scalyr. He has been a successful leader and individual contributor at companies such as Fortinet, VMware, and Datameer. On the weekends you will find Casey being a dad, husband and occasional pilot (weather permitting).

John Hart


John Hart works on the Scalyr backend. After receiving his BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford, John was chief architect at Personify, one of the first big data companies for the web. He then founded iHance, wrote one of the top apps on Salesforce's AppExchange, and sold the company to InsideSales in 2014. When deciding on his next venture, John realized that Scalyr - which he'd used and loved for years - was the perfect fit.

Asma Patel


Asma is our performance optimization expert and she can shave milliseconds off a page load before you've even had your coffee. She graduated from University of Waterloo as a Computer Science and Finance major. After graduating she worked for Linqia, an influencer marketing firm. Asma's a huge fan of cheesecake, Reddit and all things JavaScript. Also, she's been known to communicate for several days straight exclusively in GIFs.

Rourke McNamara


Rourke heads up our marketing efforts and got his start as a programmer and consultant working with highly technical products. Since moving to marketing, he's successfully launched products for major technology companies including TIBCO Software, Twilio, and RMS. On the weekends you'll find him teaching his son and daughter to ski and climb.

Our Investors

Our Advisors

Sam Schillace

Sam is a VP of Engineering at Google. Previously he was SVP of Engineering at Box, a Senior Engineering Director at Google, a principal at Google Ventures, and the co-founder of six startups.

Michael Fertik

Michael is an entrepreneur, investor, and privacy advocate known for pioneering the industry of online reputation management. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of and has co-founded several other startups. He's a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and, most importantly, is the creator of Femto-Management. He holds a JD from Harvard Law and a Bachelor's from Harvard College.

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