Our Culture

At Scalyr, our mission is to create THE platform for operational visibility.

On this mission, we are building a different kind of company. We have big dreams for what we want to do, but also want to make it a great experience for everyone. Our core values guide the way we work and make decisions.

Driven to succeed

Make no mistake; we are here to win. We are building a world class team, creating the best product in our category, and obsessive about our customers’ success!

Do right by others

We do right by others. We’re kind, take the ethical route, over-deliver, give credit, care for our community, and believe the employer-employee relationship is a two-way street.

Focused and efficient

We know we don’t do our best work when we’re over-committed and stretched too thin. Rather than dilute our impact by trying to do too much, we focus on what’s important and do that really well.

Honest and transparent

Lots of companies claim they’re open and transparent but don’t back it up with their actions. We give it to you straight, from our financials to closing (or losing) new customers to telling you the value of your stock options.

Long-term view

We consider the long term when making decisions. That infrastructure investment? That onboarding feature? We want them to work now AND in the future. We solve problems in scalable ways and emphasize sustainable work over “crunch” deadlines.

Inclusive culture

We know our diversity is our strength, and we strive for it by being deliberately inclusive.

Open Roles

Perks & Benefits

Great colleagues

This is a team that has “been there, done that,” but is totally open to new ideas and styles of working. We are ambitious and want to win, but are respectful, kind, and have your back. Did we mention we have fun together too?

Plenty of autonomy

The team collaborates closely, but gives you the freedom and space to do your best work. This is a place where the best ideas win, no matter where they come from.

Reasonable work hours

We work hard when we’re here, but at the end of the day, we go home. There’s a reason we don’t order in dinner. We want you to be able to spend time with your family and friends.

100% employer-paid medical

We want you to be your best self.  With that in mind we offer generous health, dental, and vision plans, with 100% employer-paid medical benefits for you and your family.

Impact over hours

We count output, not hours. Nobody’s looking over your shoulder or judging your work style.

Free lunch, every day

We order in lunch and eat together. It’s a great way to get to know (and appreciate) each other.

Paid parental leave

We support families and focus on the long term with a generous family-leave benefit. Practicing what we preach, one of our founders recently returned from paternity leave.

It’s all about the team

We do things as a team. Company outings, happy hours, Friday show-and-tells, birthday celebrations, and inclusion awareness. We love an excuse to celebrate!

Unlimited vacation

Some companies say it… we mean it! Allowing flexible time off is one way to ensure our team members enjoy healthy, balanced lives.

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